Seeking Christ Through Friendship

Seeking Christ Through Friendship

Jan Alkire. Paulist Press, 2019

Many people want to experience fullness of life and draw closer to God but aren’t sure how to do so. They belong to a faith community and want to share their journey with others, but with whom? Few have access to a spiritual director or mentor, and as a result, they feel alone.

Healing: Stories of Faith, Hope, and Love

Jan Alkire. Paulist Press, 2003

This book offers readers hope and shows them how to participate actively in their own healing: physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational.

Healing As A Parish Ministry

Healing as a Parish Ministry: Mending Body, Mind, and Spirit

Fr. Leo Thomas, O.P. and Jan Alkire. Byron Books, 2000

This sound and practical book shows how Jesus’ mandate to heal the sick, an essential but forgotten ministry, is rooted in Christian scriptural and sacramental tradition.

Healing Ministry: A Practical Guide

Fr. Leo Thomas, O.P. with Jan Alkire. Sheed & Ward, 1994

Today thousands of lay and ordained people seek ways to bring the healing power of Christ back to the people they serve. This book grows out of Fr. Thomas‘ experience of more than thirty years of training both clergy and laity – Catholic and Protestant – to do pastoral ministry.

Healing Ministry
Quests - Travel Stories of Seeking and Finding

Quests: Travel Stories of Seeking and Finding

Jan Alkire. Byron Books, 2014

When you’re in the hands of unfriendly authorities in a foreign country, an American passport feels like a security blanket— a combined Declaration of Independence and American flag all rolled into one.